About Us

Welcome to our happy little world of Hair Care Lab where we use our collective resources (and common sense) to find the best hair care tips, products, and gizmos for you. And we don’t do this for shits and giggles.

How your hair looks and feels is partly genetic and partly how you take care of it. With proper guidance and a little luck, you can fix almost all kinds of hair issues you can think of, including something as unfixable as baldness or that hilarious hair cut you regret getting.

Now, why did we create Hair Care Lab when there’s already plenty of information on hair care and styling on the web, you ask?

The answer is misleading content. Like many of you, we were also dead tired of reading “hacks” and “tips” that don’t really work. In this day and age when time is of the essence, we wanted to create a space where people would find the most authentic hair hacks, simple hair cut and styling techniques, top product suggestions along with their in-depth reviews.

Meet The Team

Muckther Hossain




Muckther is the founder and biggest contributor of haircarelab.com. With a passion for technology and innovation, he leads a small but dedicated team in the relentless pursuit of uncovering and evaluating the latest products across various industries.

Muckther’s insightful reviews, marked by a keen eye for detail and a commitment to impartiality, have established him as a trusted authority in the realm of product analysis.

Under his visionary guidance, the team diligently explores a diverse range of products, offering comprehensive insights to assist consumers in making informed decisions. Mukther’s leadership style fosters a culture of excellence and integrity, ensuring that each review reflects the team’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Ross Whitener

Lead Writer

Hi, I’m Ross and I take hair care more seriously than most people ever will. Truth be told, I was tired of reading misleading, half-baked information on hair care and styling equipment.

Life is too short for hair care products that don’t work. That’s why I have collaborated with a bunch of like-minded folks to help you buy the best hair products and gadgets.

Amy Jackson

Content Writer

Hi and welcome! My name is Amy and I’m a hair stylist & passionate blogger. When I am not writing or studying the hair care techniques, I enjoy spending time with my dog Pluto.

My purpose with this website is to help you get the best hair styling & hair care tips and products.