Best Electric Shavers For Your Sensitive Skin: Our Top Picks

Shaving should always be a relaxing experience.

Unfortunately, for those with sensitive skin, shaving regularly can be a painful process, owing to most traditional shavers not being catered to protect you from skin irritations and random cuts.

But there is no reason for you to compromise your shaving just because you have skin a little more delicate than others.

While you may be looking for the “best” possible shaver for your sensitive skin, it should be kept in mind choices will always differ due to individual preferences and personal requirements.

However, if you are specifically looking for shavers that can keep your skin safe while giving you no hassle at all in your shaving, then making the shift to electric shavers can be a saving grace for you.

Keep reading to find out what qualifies as sensitive skin, what features of electric shavers you should look out for, and a myriad of products to choose from – all designed specifically to maintain your sensitive skin and provide you the smoothest shaving experience possible.

7 Best electric shaver for sensitive skin – Comparison table

Name & Brand
Running Time
Cutting Action Per minute
Special Features
Braun Series 9 9390cc
60 minutes
Unique Sonic Technology
Braun Series 8 8417s
60 minutes
30° Nanotech blades
Braun Series 7 790cc
50 minutes
24000ActiveLift trimmer
Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S
45 Minutes
700005 shaving elements
Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV67-K
45 Minutes
70000Flexible 16-D Shaving Head
Braun Series 5 5190cc
50 minutes
Includes Docking Station
Braun Series 3
45 Minutes
18000Triple action cutting system

Understanding sensitive skin

Understanding sensitive skin

Before diving into electric shavers to maintain your skin, it is important to understand how to classify sensitive skin.

Does your body get itchy easily?

Chronic skin conditions can lead to constant itches when sweating a lot or under the effect of certain skincare products. If you get itchy quite often, you most probably have sensitive skin.

Does your skin get inflamed often?

When exposed to cold weather and certain brands of cosmetics, you may notice inflammations on your skin. If that is the case, you have sensitive skin.

Is your skin too dry?

Even when not in cold weather, you may notice cracks on your skin. Dry skin can also get pimples, which is especially annoying when shaving.

Are you allergic?

You may also be allergic to certain chemicals. While shaving equipment such as shaving gel and razors are almost always free of allergic substances, make sure to double-check before purchase.

Making the shift to electric shaving for your sensitive skin

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, you have sensitive skin.

While shaving can be an everyday worry for those with sensitive skin, electric shavers could just be the solution you are looking for.

But the switch to electric shaving raises two very important questions.

1. Why should you use an electric shaver for sensitive skin?

Electric shaving isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But times are changing so is technology.

If you are still using traditional cartridge razors and suffering from skin irritations, cuts, and burns, it is definitely the time to change your shaver.

Consider an electric shaver because not only are they more beneficial for your skin, they are able to provide a smooth shaving experience while keeping you completely safe.

Those with sensitive skin also appreciate a close shave, and electric shavers reduce the hassle that cartridge razors give when cutting thicker hair such as the beard.

2. Why is the foil shaver the go-to option for sensitive skin?

Both foil and rotary shavers have their benefit.

Rotary shavers can perform in almost any direction and is usually the better choice to navigate contours.

However, if you are looking for a shaver to keep your skin safe, then consider going for foil shavers.

The built-in foil in foil shavers acts as a safety net for your skin, even when the blades are cutting your facial hair using sonic vibrations.

As we will explore soon, hypoallergenic blades in most foil shavers are set at such an angle that makes them optimum for safety.

Most experienced users will agree with the fact that electric shaving reduces a lot of time and effort in everyday shaving. And they are obviously a lot safer than using older-style razor blades for those with sensitive skin.

Key features of electric razors for sensitive skin

Key features

Before finalizing your shift to electric shaving, take a look at the features you should watch out for.

According to experienced users, the most essential features of skin-sensitive electric shavers are:

  • Close shaving

Sensitive skin needs to be properly taken care of at all times.

Thanks to most electric shavers possessing hypoallergenic blades set at a specific angle (usually 30 degrees), they are always super safe while still working close to the skin.

Well-known electric shavers that provide close shaving are Braun Series 8 8417s, Braun Series 7 790cc, and Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV67-K. The Braun shavers are especially known for their Sonic Technology which helps provide a smooth close shave.

  • Safety while saving

Foil shavers are often more preferred than rotary shavers for this specific purpose.

Because the foil in most shaver models acts as a stationary guard that not only captures more hair but also protects the skin during close shaving, those with sensitive skin usually go for foil shavers, even over the non-electric ones.

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S and Braun Series 3 are two very safe but effective foil shavers you could try.

  • Fast but smooth

When using a traditional razor, you will not get the speed of electric shavers.

When using a rotary shaver, you will often not find the ability to cut thicker hair as fast and smoothly.

Take a foil shaver, and you get both smoothness and speed in one neat package.

Despite being fast, the cutting action of foil shavers combined with the aforementioned foil guards means your skin is always safe even when the blades are performing at maximum capacity.

To give you an idea of how cutting action works, Braun Series 8 8417s can cut 30,000 times per minute, while Braun Series 9 9390cc tops that with 40,000 cuts per minute. Both are great shavers for this fast and smooth shaving function.

  • Lasting comfort

Perhaps the most important aspect for any skin-sensitive electric shavers.

If you have skin that is susceptible to cuts and rashes, you will definitely favor a shaver that will be smooth on your face and never cause skin irritations.

Braun Series 5 5190cc is an exemplary shaver that can provide lasting comfort during shaving. However, most electric shavers, especially from Braun and Panasonic brands, can provide a hassle-safe skin-sensitive shaving experience as well.

  • Dry and wet use

A lot of sensitive skin appreciates a good lather with shaving gel.

Many newer users assume electric shavers do not provide wet support to the level of traditional cartridge users, but that’s just not true.

Braun Series 9 9390cc and Braun Series 8 8417s are two foil shavers that provide excellent dry and wet support while being completely waterproof.

Choosing the best shaver for your sensitive skin

Other than the ones mentioned above, remember to pay close attention to what other features you find the most useful, as user preferences will of course always prefer among brands and models.

If you are looking for quality electric shavers that perform the best with sensitive skin, you can consider some of the products listed below.

Braun Series 9 9390cc

Deemed as one of the best foil shavers ever made, Braun Series 9 9390cc is what experienced users call an all-in-one device that will answer all shaving needs.

Its signature 5 shaving elements give it a step above most other electric razors in the market, and as far as sensitive skin is considered, this is one of the best choices due to its perfect contour navigation and 10-directional shaving flexibility.

Braun Series 9 9390cc


Only the best of the features are expected from the leading Braun Series 9 brand.

Some of the unique features are listed below.

  • 5 shaving elements

The signature feature of Braun Series 9 9390cc is the 5 shaving elements: catered towards improving the shaving experience further, pushing beyond the boundary of what is usually possible for other foil shavers in the market.

These five shaving elements work together to cut a lot of hair at once with ease.

With these elements, you get two specialized middle trimmers that the device uses to capture facial hair of any length and type. This allows the hair to be cut more easily and comfortably.

Because of how seamlessly these shaving elements perform, using Braun Series 9 9390cc is super easy on skin that might usually suffer from burns and cuts.

  • Dry and wet support

Braun Series 9 9390cc supports both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ functionalities. This means it can be used with or without shaving gel, and anytime during the shower.

This product can be submerged underwater and can be used when completely wet, owing to its completely waterproof frame.

Not only can it be used with water or shaving gel, but because of how the shaver head functions, beard density is never a problem.

This is a huge boon for skin that appreciates lathering, be it via gel or foam.

  • Contour navigation

Usually, a feature unique to most rotary shavers is the ability to navigate contours of the skin, such as the neck and jawline areas.

Braun Series 9 9390cc, despite being a foil shaver, is uniquely designed to perform along the contours as well. This makes this particular electric shaver truly a revolutionary piece of technology.

Despite providing a close shave, the shaver can cut smaller hair with maximum comfort.

  • Flexible shaving

The comfort flexi shaver head can work in a total of 10 directions, giving you flexibility during quick shaves.

The aforementioned shaving elements and contour navigation ability synchronize with the flexible shaver head, adding more ease and comfort to everyday shaves.

Why choose Braun Series 9 9390cc for your sensitive skin?

Braun Series 9 9390cc is designed like an exemplary foil shaver to work close to the skin while keeping you safe from cuts and irritations. It never fails to provide a smooth, clean and fast shaving experience.

The blades in this model can cut up to 40,000 times per minute and can cut hair as close to 0.05 mm.

It works via sonic vibrations that keep you feeling comfortable while shaving.

Despite the 10,000 sonic vibrations ringing through the device during operation, there is never a moment of unease or discomfort. These vibrations also make it easier for the shaver to glide along your face for easier navigation.

Consider going for Braun Series 9 9390cc if you are in need of a high-range, premium electric shaver.

Among the Braun models, this one has the most jam-packed features so a purchase will never be a bad choice for your sensitive skin.

Braun Series 8 8417s

Braun Series 8 line of electric shavers has always been a fan-favorite choice for sensitive skin.

If you are looking for a good balance of features that cater to smooth, multi-directional shaving, you can’t go wrong choosing Braun Series 8 8417s.

Braun Series 8 8417s


Catered to provide the perfect level of comfort when shaving, Braun Series 8 8417s features a plethora of amazing features. Let’s look at some now.

  • Adaptability

While rotary shavers are famous for being multi-directional, Braun Series 8 8417s has an exclusive 40-degree adaptable shaver head that can work along contours of the skin. This makes it a unique choice among foil shavers, possessing qualities of rotary shavers.

It takes its adaptability further by having floating blades that can follow your movement easily to provide a smoother shave in difficult angles of the skin.

  • Sonic Technology

Like most other Braun model shavers, this one also features the signature Sonic Technology that is designed to make shaving as comfortable as possible.

Similar to some Braun Series 9 models, this Braun Series 8 mainstay also uses 10,000 micro-vibrations for more efficient hair capturing during shaving.

  • Wet functionality support

As expected from Braun shavers, Braun Series 8 8417s is also completely waterproof.

This means it supports wet functionalities, being usable with gel or shaving foam or even during baths: a perfect feature for skin that loves shaving gel.

Why choose Braun Series 8 8417s for your sensitive skin?

Keeping your skin safe and protected while still shaving close to the skin: that is exactly what you will get from this exemplary foil shaver.

The combination of the aforementioned Sonic Technology and the 10,000 micro-vibrations mean the shaving is done quicker than most other models in the market, all the while keeping you super safe at all times.

The 40-degree swiveling shaver head can shave up to 0.05 mm and works in 8 directions.

The flexible head combined with the Braun AutoSense Technology means it is much easier to shave through thicker facial hair.

The Precision Switch feature will allow you to lock the shaver head so harder-to-reach areas can be navigated around more effectively. Not only is this feature perfect for cutting longer hair, but also gives you constant control over your personal shaving style.

The blades are super safe and comfortable, and the shaver head will keep you safe during the quickest of shaves.

This particular Braun Series 8 shaver can cut 30,000 times per minute, just a bit lower than the 40,000 cuts per minute rate of Braun Series 9 shavers.

Despite some features not matching up to the flagship-level standard of Braun Series 9 shavers, Braun Series 8 8417s is still a powerful shaving tool that can provide years of satisfactory performance for sensitive skin.

Braun Series 7 790cc

While Braun Series 9 and Series 8 have received substantial popularity among experienced users, longtime fans will still prefer the Series 7 series as the better balance of affordability and features.

A fan-favorite even today, Braun Series 7 electric razors continue to deliver pleasing shaving while being an efficient tool in more ways than one. Let’s find out how.

Braun Series 7 790cc


Owing up to its name in the Braun Series 7 line of shavers, Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Razor showcases some stunning features that are catered towards keeping your skin safe even during super-fast shaves.

  • Sonic Technology

Perhaps the feature that made Braun Series shavers so successful, this signature Sonic Technology can balance between power input and shaving result.

It does so by automatically increasing the power when shaving thicker facial hair or around harder-to-reach areas of the face.

For those with sensitive skin, this is a much welcome feature that balances comfort and efficiency perfectly.

  • Automatic trimmer

Braun Series 7 790cc also features a part called ActiveLift trimmer.

This device is responsible for capturing flat-lying facial areas when shaving along contours or other difficult areas.

Alongside the trimmer, the feature called OptiFoil helps cut the hair as short as 0.5mm.

The foil part works in conjunction with the blades, cutting close to the skin yet providing maximum comfort during the process.

  • 4 shaving elements

Despite being available at a relatively affordable price, Braun Series 7 790cc comes with 4 shaving elements, similar to other electric shavers in the current market.

Out of these 4 shaving elements, 3 are used for cutting the hair, while the last element, the skin guard, helps keep your skin safe and allows quick strokes to easily get the job done.

Why choose Braun Series 7 790cc for your sensitive skin?

Braun Series 7 works quite similar to the Series 8 and Series 9 versions, being designed to provide a close, safe and effective everyday shave.

It is hailed as a ‘smart shaver’ that can adjust to your needs automatically using Sonic and AutoSense technology.

The shaver utilizes up to 10,000 micro-vibrations during operation to catch hair in many angles and easily adjust the size of thick facial hair.

The cross-cutting action measures up to 30,000 cuts per minute.

The flexible shaver head can perform in a total of 8 directions and works in tandem with 5 turbo and sensitive modes that can be used to customize the user’s personal shaving requirements.

Do you need a quick fast shave? Is a full beard shave your fancy today? Do you need to trim along the contours of your skin? The adaptable smart system built into the shaver can detect these needs and perform accordingly.

All in all, the Braun Series 7 line of shavers is a choice that will never disappoint, especially if you are looking for a good balance of features to maintain your skin’s sensitivity.

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S

Even though Braun is a dominant brand in the current market of foil shavers, Panasonic is a name that experienced users keep relying on even today.

If you are looking to try a Panasonic shaver perfect for your sensitive skin, then look no further than the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S.

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S


Panasonic Arc5 shavers have their own unique set of features that cater to the needs of delicate skin. Check out some of the features listed below.

  • Precise shaving

Panasonic Arc 5 focuses on providing a quick, precise, and efficient shaving experience.

It utilizes five Nanotech blades that are super sharp, being able to cut hair of any type, length, and density.

The blades are angled at 30 degrees so it is easier to cut from areas that are difficult to reach. This angle is also one of the safest in terms of cutting close to the skin.

  • Contour management

As a foil shaver, it uses an ultra-thin arc foil that not only guards the skin but also doubles as the contour navigation system.

This means Panasonic Arc5 shavers can work as rotary shavers, owing to this unique rotary-like quality.

  • Wet support

As expected from any modern electric shavers, Panasonic Arc5 shavers can be used both wet and dry.

You can use it in the shower, or with shaving gel. As expected from other modern shavers, this wet and dry support is perfect for sensitive skin requiring shaving gel to avoid burns and cuts.

Why choose Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S for your sensitive skin?

As already established, the Panasonic Arc5 line of shavers can be used to cut the hair around the neck, jaw, and chin areas.

The built-in sensor helps maintain beard density while adjusting power output for a more efficient shaving experience.

The blades can up to 14,000 times per minute, with up to 70,000 cross-cutting actions in the same time span.

An exclusive feature of Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S is the built-in trimmer that can detail mustaches, beards, and sideburns. This trimmer can help add your own touch to your everyday shave.

As a result, not only can the device be used to shave and cut, it can be your personal hairstylist as well.

If you are looking for an alternative to Braun shavers yet don’t want to compromise the safety of your skin, this shaver is the option to go for.

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV67-K

Giving its competitor Braun a solid run for their money, Panasonic keeps delivering powerful shaving products that gained a good reputation among users with sensitive skin.

An example of a prominent Panasonic product is the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV67-K. Let’s look at how it is so special in maintaining your skin sensitivity.

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV67-K


Packing all the signature fan-favorite features of Panasonic Arc5 models, ES-LV67-K brings you a bunch of different functionalities for everyday use.

  • Powerful motor

Not only is this brand of Panasonic Arc5 shaver powerful enough to do 70,000 cross-cuts per minute, but it also wields 5 blades that work together to cut faster and smoother than most other foil shavers in the market.

The cuts are always close to the skin but angled in a way to always avoid random cuts.

  • Advanced tech

Using the Panasonic line of Shave Sensor, this advanced intelligent system keeps track of power during shaving. It can sense beard densities 220 times per second and is capable of adjusting the power up to 14 times each second while shaving.

This is especially helpful for men with sensitive skin but thick beard, as too rough shaving can cause unnecessary cuts and burns even with an electric razor.

  • Multi-directional shaver head

The shaver head of one of the most powerful Braun shavers, Braun Series 9 9390cc, performs in 10 directions. Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV67-K, comparatively, has a shaver head that can pivot in 16 different directions.

This means that even as a foil shaver, this is one of the better electric shavers to navigate and manage facial hair around the jawline and neck areas.

For those with delicate skin along contours, this is one of the better choices to trim smaller hair in those areas.

  • Precise blades

The steel blades framed inside the meshed coil are placed at 30 degrees angle. The combination of these parts helps to not only catch thicker hair but also cut through beard of any destiny with minimal effort.

There is also a built-in sensor in the shaving head that aids to this precision while also reducing skin irritation and razor burns.

Why choose Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV67-K for your sensitive skin?

Consisting of five Nanotech blades that perform independently, Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV67-K does an exemplary job of cutting the hair close to the skin while maintaining skin safety.

Because of its advanced smart technology design, the built-in sensor acts like a handy companion that assists during everyday shaves.

This shaver can help you fashion your sideburns and mustaches using a built-in pop-up trimmer. This trimmer is an excellent addition alongside the smart sensor, for they work seamlessly to manage thicker hair and keep you safe from random cuts.

The LV67 version is considered an upgrade of the LV65 owing to the innovative 16-directional shaving head and the aforementioned smart sensor technology. In fact, this smart sensor technology is what makes this Panasonic shaver such a reliable name in the current market of electric shavers.

If you have tried Braun shavers before and want a change, Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV67-K is definitely the electric shaver to try out for your sensitive skin.

Braun Series 5 5190cc

In terms of balancing affordability and comfortability, there are very few competitors for the Braun Series 5 line of products.

If you are thinking of switching up your brand of electric shavers while still maintaining skin sensitivity, Braun Series 5 5190cc might be just what you need.

Braun Series 5 5190cc


Utilizing skin-sensitive technology catered for everyday users, Braun Series 5 sports features that can be appreciated by users of any skin type.

  • Automatic sensor

Braun Series 5 is designed to be as efficient as possible, and it achieves that task using the AutoSensing motor which tracks every stroke.

This sensor is perfect for cutting through a thicker beard as it automatically adjusts power and output to provide a more comfortable shaving of facial hair with a higher density.

  • Multi-directional shaving

While not as versatile as Braun Series 9’s 10-directional shaving or the 16-directional shaver head of some Panasonic Arc5 models, Braun Series 5 is certainly no slouch when it comes to multi-directional shaving.

Featuring 8 directions in which the flexible shaver head can function, expect any and all difficult-to-reach areas to be easily accessible.

  • Skin-friendly

Gone are the days of worrying about skin irritations, cuts, and burns when shaving.

The aforementioned flexible shaver head is built with a coil that keeps your skin safe even during the closest of shaves. This is achieved even when navigating sensitive places like the jawline and neck.

Why choose Braun Series 5 5190cc for your sensitive skin?

A unique feature of this particular inclusion to the Braun Series 5 line is the 899 unique apertures. These are capable of doing cuts as close to 0.058 mm while utilizing the foil to keep your skin safe at all times.

The two special blades, called the SensoFoil blades, are signature Braun blades that make an appearance in the Series 5 lineup. These blades, along with the ActiLift Trimmer, helps cut bigger-sized hair while the trimmer captures them from different directions.

Like other Braun shavers, Braun Series 5 5190cc is perfect for stylizing your sideburns and beard lines. While it does not possess the signature Braun Sonic Technology, it is still capable of cutting up to 30,000 times per minute.

Despite the absence of the micro-vibrations provided by Sonic Technology, the auto-sensing technology is still top-notch in this model, especially with 4 shaving elements.

Braun Series 5 5190cc might not measure up to Series 8 and 9 based on features alone, but in terms of reliable performance on sensitive skin, this shaver can compete with any other shavers in the current market.

Braun Series 3

A staple of the Braun line of electric shavers, Series 3 is perhaps the most popular of the foil shavers introduced by the company.

With the most affordability out of all other models, while still packing the unique features that make Braun shavers so reliable, Braun Series 3 is always a welcome addition for any those with sensitive skin.

Braun Series 3


Braun Series 3 has stood the test of time by constantly delivering the features most sought after by everyday shavers.

Below listed are some of its most prominent features.

  • 3 shaving elements

While not packing the punch of the later models, Braun Series 3 still possesses a unique combination of 3 shaving elements that focus on both comfort and efficiency while delivering a premium shaving experience.

These shaving elements are sensitive to pressure, adding further to user-friendliness.

  • Best for shaving beard

As far as thick facial hair is concerned, Braun Series 3 is just about the best shaver for its price range.

The aforementioned shaving elements work together with the signature SensoFoil to capture more hair while keeping the skin safe. The result is a very comfortable shave.

  • Micro comb

Braun Series 3 shavers feature a special ProSkin micro comb that acts like the trimmers of later models.

This comb can capture hair in every stroke, so more hair can be caught and cut more efficiently.

Why choose Braun Series 3 for your sensitive skin?

Braun Series 3 utilizes special retractable blades that cut close to the skin but can fold back into place when used at a certain angle. This means the skin is always safe from random cuts and there is an ever-present smoothness while shaving.

Braun Series 3 focuses on precise cutting not only thicker parts of the facial hair, like the beard, but also shaping sideburns or trimming along the jawline.

It is designed with a thin shaver head so it is easier to navigate around harder-to-reach areas. The thin and lightweight frame means it can even be used under the nose and is easy to maneuver anytime.

Unlike rotary shavers, it does not have a pivoting shaving head but does have flexible cutting elements that both protect and shave efficiently.

Braun Series 3 may seem like a basic electric shaver at first glance, but owing to its humble roots and the still affordable price range, it is considered the go-to foil shaver for those with especially sensitive skin.


The seven aforementioned electric shavers can seem like a lot to take in at once, so be sure to digest each new information at your own pace before finalizing your choice.

At the end of the day, even the most feature-packed shaver might not be the right pick for your sensitive skin. But it will never be a bad idea to arm yourself with sufficient knowledge so you know how to invest better into your next shaving companion. Your skin needs the attention, after all.

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