How to fix hair clippers

How To Fix Hair Clippers: Tips For Quick & Easy Repair

Hair clippers are increasingly becoming a typical household device. Because they are so convenient for maintaining proper style and hygiene, many homes consider them a must. Because of this, the global electric hair clipper market is estimated to reach $286.4 M by 2026. This is a massive increase from its value in 2020 at $242.6M

Hair clippers are everywhere. With increased buying, however, comes increased issues about wear and tear. In many cases, one may simply be surprised that their reliable hair clippers have suddenly stopped working. How do you fix your hair clippers when they won’t run anymore? Keep reading to find out how to fix issues with your trusty hair clippers and get them working again!

Repair Hair Clippers: A Step-By-Step Guide

Replacing good-quality hair clippers can be expensive. If your hair clippers aren’t working anymore, examine them before tossing them out and buying new ones. There are many different reasons why hair clippers aren’t working, regardless of their design or quality.

Here are some issues you should check to get hair clippers back in working order.

Check If Your Hair Clippers Are Turned On

Examine the on and off power settings of your hair clippers. In some instances, hair clippers simply are not turned on. Make sure your clippers are turned on. If they’re set to “on” and they’re still not working, you can move on to these other steps.

Make Sure Your Clippers Are Plugged Into A Power Source With The Right Voltage

In some cases, hair clippers are not working simply because they are not plugged or there is a voltage mismatch. Make sure that the hair clippers are plugged in if they are not wireless. Check the voltage of your hair clippers and make sure they’re plugged into a power source with matching voltage.

Check Your Hair Clipper Wires

In some cases, faulty wiring is the culprit behind a malfunctioning set of hair clippers. Use a multimeter tester to see if a current is flowing to your clipper. If there is no flowing current, you can replace the wires or send the hair clippers off for professional repair.

Clean Your Hair Clippers

Clean Your Hair Clippers

Hair clippers may simply be having difficulty functioning properly because there is too much debris, dirt, or rust keeping the blades from running.

Here are the basic steps to clean your hair clippers. Remember to clean your hair clippers after every time you use them.

  • Gently tap your hair clippers against the edge of your sink to loosen any hair stuck between your blades.
  • Examine the blades of your clippers and see if there is anything stuck between them.
  • Use a soft toothbrush or a blade cleaning brush to remove dirt, debris, and hair stuck between your blades.
  • If there is still something stuck between your blades, unplug your hair clippers or turn them off. Open your clippers to examine the blades. Many manufacturers make the blades detachable for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • Remove all dirt and hair from the teeth of your exposed clipper blades. Examine your blades for any rusting. If your blades are rusty, cleaning will not fix them; they will need to be replaced.
  • Wipe the detached blades clean with isopropyl alcohol. This also sanitizes the blades.
  • Reassemble your hair clippers, then plug them back in and turn them on.

Recharge Your Hair Clipper Batteries

Sometimes hair clippers won’t work simply because their batteries are out of power. Recharge your hair clipper batteries if they are rechargeable. Always fully recharge hair clippers before using them to trim hair.

Have Your Hair Clipper Blades Sharpened By A Professional

Hair clippers may just have very dull blades from repeated use. When your clipper blades are too dull, take them to a professional blade sharpening service. This is much more cost-effective than buying replacement clippers or blades, especially for an expensive set.

Replace The Hair Clipper Blades

Alternatively, you can purchase a new set of blades if there is little difference between the cost of sharpening and the cost of replacement. This solution is still less expensive than buying new hair clippers.

Replace hair clipper blades

This is recommended for those who have owned the same hair clippers for over a year. During that period, the blades may have been damaged. The blade quality may also simply have deteriorated. Here’s how you replace a set of hair clipper blades.

  • Open your hair clippers according to manufacturer instructions. Check the manual before you do this so you know which tools you’ll need to open it without causing any damage.
  • Detach the blades. Most manufacturers will allow you to do this using a screwdriver.
  • Install the replacement blades. Screw them on securely.
  • Reassemble your hair clipper, then plug it back in and turn it on.

Realign Your Hair Clipper Blades

A loud rattling is a sign that the hair clipper blades may have become misaligned. This could result in inaccurate trimming and injury during use.

Realign hair clipper blades

Here’s how to realign your clipper blades:

  • Slightly loosen the screws of your hair clipper. Do not unscrew them all the way; you only need enough room to make necessary adjustments with accurate measurements.
  • Compare the distance from the end of the top blade teeth and the bottom blade.

Check the most left-hand blade tooth or top blade. It must be to the left or covering the left of the first small tooth of the bottom blade. Adjust accordingly.

Check the most right-hand tooth of the top blade. It must be touching the bottom blade’s big tooth. Adjust accordingly.

  • Gently and slowly tighten the screws of your blades again. Do not rush this as it may cause the blades to become misaligned.

Change Your Hair Clipper Batteries

You will need tools like a screwdriver to do this properly. Check your hair clippers’ manual to find out where your hair clippers will open to give you access to the batteries.

Lubricate Your Hair Clipper Blades According To Manufacturer Instructions

When hair clipper blades aren’t oiled regularly, they can become dull. Dull blades can miss entire sections of hair or cut skin. To prevent this from happening, follow these basic steps:

Lubricate hair clipper blades

  • Get a high-quality blade cleaning solution. Clean your clipper’s outer blade cover with this solution
  • Brush and remove any debris from the surface with a clipper brush.
  • Wipe excess debris and dirt with a clean cloth. After this, turn on your clipper.
  • Carefully put oil on the tops of the blades, adding extra oil to the area between blades. Do this while the blades are running to allow the oil to penetrate the blades thoroughly.
  • Run the oiled blades for at least 20 seconds, then turn off the clipper.
  • Remove any excess oil or dislodged debris with a clean cloth.

Check Your Hair Clipper Belt

In some cases, hair clippers do not work because the belt has too much slack. Here’s how you can examine your hair clipper’s belt for any issues.

  • Open your hair clippers according to the user manual instructions. Always check the manual before you do this so you know which tools you’ll need and how to do it properly.
  • Once your clippers are opened, examine the battery, the wires, and the blades.
  • Check the screws of your hair clipper belt. If the belt is loose, tighten the screw. This will put the belt back in its proper place. If the belt is not loose, loosen the belt.
  • Reassemble your clippers and plug them back in. If the belt was the problem, it should be running now.


If your hair clippers aren’t working, you don’t have to throw them out right away and get a replacement set. Try these simple tips first to avoid the added expense of buying new hair clippers. In many cases, hair clippers can be made to run smoothly again with new batteries or a little cleaning.

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