How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache

How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache: Tips and Tricks to Handle the Handlebar

It’s hard to dispute the power of money as it can either get you anything you desire immediately or accelerate the process. However, certain achievements elude money itself, and the only option left is the age-old commitment and hard work.

For instance, an exclusive membership into the men’s handlebar club remains beyond money’s reach.

So, if you’re hellbent on getting the handlebar, let me be the bearer of one bad news- it requires commitment. Trust me- I’m not saying this to drive you away. I’m simply giving you a fair warning because I don’t want months of your effort to go up in smoke.

The average time it takes to get a handlebar mustache is a little south of 4 months. So, before you consider sporting the handlebar, ask yourself- are you ready for a grueling 4-month trial? If the answer’s yes, then I’d say- welcome aboard.

Once you’re ready to handle the handlebar, all you need is a map to your destination. That’s where I step in. I’ll give you the directions on how to grow a handlebar mustache, and if you can stay on track, the prestigious men’s society awaits.

Handlebar Mustache – What and Why?

What you need to understand first is – handlebar mustache is an umbrella term. A number of distinct styles come under its shade. While all the underlings are handlebars, the length, density, shape, and twist set one apart from the other.

What is handlebar mustache

Despite the countless varieties, the trait that gives the handlebar its name is the lengthy sides twisted upwards. The shape will remind you of bicycle handles; hence, the name.

Now that you know the what, it’s time to understand the why. I’ve already warned you about the commitment it takes to get a handlebar mustache. So, I’d suggest you introspect and figure out why exactly you want to don this style?

I can give you a few pointers myself. The handlebar is a classic men’s style that never did/ will go out of fashion. It’s not a common mustache.

You’ll make a lot of heads turn because the handlebar is a stand-out-of-the-crowd style. Also, if you’re losing hair, a perfect way to compensate is getting this mustache. It makes even a bald person’s facial features come to life.

There is another benefit of sporting the handlebar. People only focus on the style and appearance department, but getting the handlebar will teach you discipline and patience.

It takes a stout heart and a sturdy soul to get to the handlebar-ranks. So, when the experience is over, you’ll come out a better person.

Still, no matter how much I tout the benefits, it doesn’t matter if you’re not into it. You need to visualize and see yourself with a handlebar. If you like what you see, a 3-4 month wait time will fly by like a flash of lightning.

Prep yourself up for the task ahead. Handlebar mustache isn’t the easy-to-court girl. It needs effort. So, switch your Zen-mode on, and trust me- you’ll need it.

How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache

It’s time I hand over all the tips and tricks I have so you can get the handlebar mustache of your dreams. You need to spend the allotted time for each step to get it right. Make sure you hold on to your patience.

How to grow a handlebar mustache

Step 1: Let Your Beard and Mustache Grow

This is pretty obvious, but it needs to be said. Do not trim or shave any facial hair whatsoever. Although some isolated hair may pop out in the weirdest of places, your task is to breathe and let it happen. Your testosterone levels will play a key part in the development of your beard.

If the testosterone levels are skyrocketing, you’ll get a full beard in a month or so, maybe even less. However, not all men share the same degree of hormones. So, don’t get discouraged. If your body needs time, give it- it’s not a sprint, rather a marathon.

Step 2: Prepare Your Muscles

You should not proceed to this step until you have full-blown facial hair. There is no restriction about doing it earlier, but the effects won’t be noteworthy. Once the mustache has enough length, use a comb to part the hairs on your upper lip. Train your hair to go in opposite directions.

Keep combing your hair until the upper lip hair becomes naturally parted. Usually, the natural disposition of a mustache is downwards. So, your task is to change this downward-orientation and turn it into a sideways-orientation.

Also, use a comb you’re comfortable with. My recommendation would be using a narrow-tooth comb to get the grip you need. Keep at it for a few weeks. After a while, your mustache’s downward-orientation will change naturally, and the sweet-handlebar-spot will be achieved.

Step 3: Soldier through the Inconvenience

While one might argue that this step doesn’t merit a spot per se, I think everyone willing to grow a handlebar mustache needs to hear it. After letting your facial hair grow for more than a month, the road gets bumpy. The initial motivation you were equipped with starts to diminish as irritation sinks in.

Your job is to power through this phase. Whether you do it by listening to music, exercising, or using positive affirmation- this is the hard part. If your hair growth is slow, it may take you longer than others to reach this stage, but you will.

The hair from your upper lip will vine its way to your lips and mouth. It’ll take some effort to keep this overgrown hair out of your mouth. Any task that has to do with your lip will become a tough mountain to climb. So, keep the prize in mind and push past this problematic phase.

Step 4: Time to Wax

After your mustache has a respectable length, you have to change the comb-training routine. Instead of using just a comb, you’ll be including wax as well. I prefer waxing post-shower because the moisture makes the hair more adjustable.

You take a little wax on your forefinger. The next trick is to use your thumb and create friction to heat the wax. Then, start with the mustache right under your nose and slowly spread it elsewhere. Make sure the mustache hair is going in opposite directions from the center. Finally, end with gently putting some wax on the edges of both sides.

Step 5: Shape Your Way to Victory

The wait is over. You’re inches from the finish line. It’s time to get the payout by shaping your mustache. After your mustache length reaches or extends the handlebar sweet-spot, it’s time to wax it into shape. You can follow the same directions I’ve mentioned in the previous step about waxing.

You already know how the shape is supposed to be. The sides of your mustache go upwards, facing your eyes and inwards, facing your nose. One shot of waxing may not have the oomph required to make the shape permanent. So, continue the wax-into-shape routine as long as it takes to train your muscles.

The up-and-in shape isn’t the only type of handlebar mustache. There are a lot of options to play with once you get the desired length and shape. You can get a clear idea of what’s on the table when I explain the different handlebar mustaches.

How to Maintain a Handlebar Mustache?

You’ve done it. You’ve survived the trying times, and the test is over. However, growing the handlebar mustache is just one side of the picture. Without maintenance, your mustache will become nothing more than overgrown facial hair. Handlebar isn’t high-maintenance, but the discipline you practiced during the growing period has to continue.

So, what do you need to do and avoid to keep the handlebar?

Tip 1: Learn the Etiquettes of Eating

Now that you have a full-blown, lip-reaching mustache, you can’t munch on anything you set your sights on. The density and length of the mustache are going to change/interrupt your everyday eating habits. So, you need to know how to work around this problem.

Firstly, learn how to consume food without any residue touching your mustache. You can’t attack your food at full speed. Instead, you have to pace yourself while you eat. Also, use a comb to part the mustache as much as possible to get more breathing room.

The second tip is a personal suggestion. When I sported the handlebar mustache for the first time, I avoided any gravy items in an outdoor setting. Any food that’s runny is harder to manage, and your mustache might end up getting more food than you. So, until you’ve had the time to adjust yourself with this new predicament, avoiding gravy items will save you from embarrassment.

Tip 2: Have a Regular Clean-up Routine

If you’re the person who loves to take an hour or so to groom before dozing off, you’re in luck. Take a few minutes out of your pre-sleep grooming regime for your handlebar mustache. However, for those who prefer hitting the bed without a care in the world, you need to step up.

A handlebar mustache is going to attract a lot of things you once thought impossible because of its overblown proportions. From dust to food residue, you name it; the handlebar will pull it like a magnet. So, you have to clean the mustache regularly to keep it healthy.

I prefer using a toothbrush for the debris- a narrow-tooth comb can work as well. Also, use an exfoliating brush to remove dead skin. If your muscles aren’t trained by now, and you still need daily waxing, make sure to rinse it off before you sleep.

Tip 3: Eat and Live Nutritious

Most people don’t follow a diet plan and eat what serves their tastebud most. I am not judgmental, but you are in the handlebar club, the unhealthy food needs to go. That doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the occasional revelry. What I mean is- don’t overdo it, and try to keep a leash on the consumption.

Try to include items that’ll help your hair growth. The grocery list should include avocados, yellow peppers, salmon, and egg yolks. Remember, anything else that boosts hair growth is most welcome. So, this nutritious eating habit will not only help you with the mustache; it’ll also give you a better and healthier body.

What Handlebar Mustaches Can You Get?

Now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about growing and maintaining a handlebar mustache. I am about to present the options now. However, you have all the freedom in the world to experiment with your handlebar mustache and structure it as you see fit.

The Hungarian Handlebar

If I had to choose between all the handlebar styles, I would go for the Hungarian handlebar in the blink of an eye. This mustache has a rich history, tying it to the national movement of Hungary. However, my interest isn’t in the backdrop of the style but how it makes you appear.

The first thing to note about the Hungarian mustache is its ability to beautify all face types. Apart from people who have the unfortunate round or heart shape, anybody can sport this mustache. The facial hair has to be pretty long to carry this mustache. The average length of Hungarian mustache is 0.6 inches.

So, getting the desired length is a tough hill to climb. But once you get there, this mustache is definitely going to turn some heads. The Hungarian handlebar is low-maintenance once your muscles become trained to the shape. A simple comb-and-clean therapy is all it takes to maintain this mustache.

The easiest way to go about getting a Hungarian handlebar is to go for the Imperial mustache first. Later, let the facial hair grow into a Hungarian handlebar. Also, you can take your game up a notch by tagging a beard along.

Choose the Hungarian handlebar if you want to appear as a man free of shackles. This bold and statement-making facial hairstyle is for people who want to walk tall.

The Chevron Mustache

Compared to the Hungarian handlebar’s wild and carefree nature, the Chevron mustache is dignified and solemn. If you want to present yourself as an honorable gentleman, then the Chevron is the go-to option.

Some people expel the Chevron mustache from the handlebar family because it doesn’t have the signature upward twist. However, the length and density this mustache has are similar to a handlebar. A lot of liberals are welcoming the Chevron as a fresh recruit to the handlebar ranks.

So, the Chevron mustache is a dense 1.5 cm mustache with no upward twist. Instead, the facial hair parts from the middle and the natural downward-orientation remain. I haven’t seen people don this mustache with a beard, but you can try to see if it works.

The Chevron mustache can make you the heart of the party. Not the raves millennials go to, but the wine-tasting of adults. You’ll appear as a man of taste and distinction.

The major benefit of this mustache is the quick-and-easy maintenance. There is no need to use a wax to twist the mustache upwards. All you need to do is keep combing the facial hair until it becomes permanently parted from the middle. So, Chevron mustache is the perfect choice for a minimalist.

The Imperial Mustache

The descendant of the Hungarian mustache, the Imperial mustache was pervasive in the aristocratic circles of the late 19th century. The dense and twisted mustache was a symbol of royalty and authority. This style later paved the way for modern handlebar.

It has all the traits of the traditional handlebar mustache. From the long and parted sides to the skyward-orientation, the Imperial mustache set people in power apart from the rest of the world. However, the popularity of this mustache declined as people began to adopt new styles.

Initially, the prospect of experimentation robbed the mustache’s fame, but people began to appreciate the late 19th century roots. All of today’s handlebar mustaches are a variant of the Imperial.

Growing and maintaining the Imperial handlebar is tricky. The how-to I’ve explained before applies to this handlebar more so than the others. While the leeway to modify the mustache exists, without disciple and commitment, an Imperial handlebar is impossible.

This facial hair is suitable for people who want to take up the cape of authority. It can make you appear as a stately person because back in the old day’s men in politics and royalty used to have the Imperial mustache. So, I would recommend going for this mustache if you want to feel grand.

I’ve only talked about three of my favorite handlebar mustaches. You should know- apart from the tried-and-true 5 handlebar mustaches, there are plenty of options. As long as the basic criteria are met, you can try any shape you want to find the sweet spot.

Understanding the Compatibility between Handlebar Mustache and Facial Structures

There are no strict rules that prevent you from getting a handlebar mustache. But if it doesn’t suit you- what’s the point? Handlebar mustaches don’t judge, but it does prefer one face type over the other. It would be best if you chose a style that complements your facial features instead of overshadowing it. The dense and long traits of a handlebar mustache can easily take over and make you look all-mustache-no-face.

Shapes Under the Green Light

  • Oval
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Oblong
  • Triangle

These 5 face shapes hit the jackpot when it comes to sporting a handlebar mustache. Arguably, one handlebar style may suit a particular face type over the other. However, I believe any handlebar mustache can fit these facial structures if you just bend it to shape.

All these facial structures are spacious enough to accommodate the handlebar mustache. As this distinct facial hair takes up a lot of room, having a proportionately larger face helps.

Shapes Under the Red Light

  • Heart
  • Round

The only issue with a heart or round shape is the somewhat pressed chin. The chin being barely noticeable as it gets overwhelmed by the handlebar mustache. The mustache leaves no space for the chin, and to the outsider, you appear as a mustached man with a blob of a chin.

Don’t get discouraged, though. Like all things in life, there is a fix to this as well. If you want to work your way around this problem, the solution is getting a beard. Getting a goatee with your handlebar will make your chin appear longer than it is- and voila.

The Pains You Have to Endure to Get a Handlebar

I’ve mentioned the nerve-racking trials one has to go through to get admittance into the handlebar club. What exactly are these difficulties? Let me give you a quick tour.

  • Constant Itching

As your mustache grows longer, it will begin to poke your lips and enter your mouth more times than you can count. The out of proportion facial hair will keep poking you, almost taking to the verge of surrender.

  • Discomfort in Intimacy

Excessive facial hair will become a problem for your partner as well. The mustache that once poked you only will also poke your partner during passionate moments. Until you and your partner become used to it, things are going to be awkward.

  • Eating Difficulty

I’ve already mentioned this in how to maintain a handlebar mustache section. You have to let go of your previous eating habits and form new ones if you want to sport the handlebar mustache. Initially, it’ll take all the fun out eating, but don’t lose hope- a few weeks of practice, and it’s going to become natural.

Can You Hold the Handlebar?

I’ll be frank; the handlebar mustache is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people jump in and out because of the long and tiresome road. So, one must become hardheaded to get an exclusive seat in the handlebar lounge.

Getting a handlebar mustache isn’t just about standing out of the crowd. It shows resilience, restraint, and discipline. I hope you found all there is to know about how to grow a handlebar mustache. Now it’s your turn to chin up and take the challenge.

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