How To Trim Pubic Hair With Scissors: A Complete Guide For Men

On top of trimming with a clipper, using a razor, and even partaking in the act of waxing, using a pair of scissors could be sufficient for men to trim their pubic hair.

Consisting of two blades that are adjacent to one another, scissors, when utilized for trimming pubes, can bring to the table multiple benefits. In addition to being an affordable way to trim the bush away, a pair of scissors is extremely effective at getting rid of split ends, which often makes each strand look healthier than ever.

Bearing with the heat of summer, especially if you sweat excessively down there, is almost always a challenging task. While using a hair clipper and even placing one’s trust in the abilities of a razor could be a great way to trim the bush and control the outcome, another tool that is just as compelling and could be utilized in this scenario is a pair of scissors.

Moving on, if you’re minutes away from a date or just moments away from starting your manscaping session, but your trimmer is out of charge, and all you have is a pair of scissors in hand, stop being hesitant and utilize the features of your companion!

In this article, on top of describing all the accessible qualities that a pair of scissors brings to the table and how one can incorporate the tool into their trimming routine, we will explain to you why it is the perfect sidekick to men when trimming their garden! So, make sure to hold on and stay with us until the end to unlock a whole new dimension!

Should You Really Trim Your Pubic Hair With Scissors?

When all is said and done, using a pair of scissors to trim pubic hair, despite being affordable, isn’t for everyone.
For instance, using a pair of scissors should only be on your mind if you’re seeking a minor clean up, not a major transformation. Since the blades of a pair of scissors are extremely pointy, using it to clean the area completely could make things go south and injure the vulnerable area. To avoid that, one should always use hair clippers or even a razor, since hair clippers are more lenient and a razor blade usually shaves the area until it’s hairless.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any other alternative, and are working around a packed schedule, you may very well rely on the power of scissors. In addition to being an affordable method, scissors are also pretty easy to control and the perfect sidekick when getting a quick trim. Just make sure that the equipment is fresh to unlock favorable results with zero disadvantages!

Trimming Pubic Hair With Scissors: A Step-by-step Procedure

In contrast to using a clipper, using a pair of scissors, regardless of what it caters to, is just as easy. As opposed to a clipper, a pair of scissors requires assistance from other equipment for obtaining safe, yet effective trimming results. From taking a bath to incorporating the right technique, here are all the steps you must abide by when trimming your pubic hair with scissors!

Wash your bush beforehand


Prior to trimming your garden, taking a bath is absolutely necessary. Since our genitals retain sweat and often have a production of sebum on the surface, chopping the strands off without washing it can bring to the table inconvenient scenarios. For instance, if you choose to directly use scissors over an unclean area, the aftermath might involve the growth of razor bumps, nicks, and cuts.

To avoid all that, however, wash the hair with some lukewarm water and a moisturizing body wash. Scrub each strand gently so that every single piece of dirt vanishes before scissors are used.

Use a fine toothed comb to create some separation

Regardless of how good you are with a pair of scissors, you should always use a fine toothed comb alongside the tool when trimming your pubic hair. Doing so will create a separation between the strands and the skin, preventing the chances of receiving minor injuries as a result.

Furthermore, due to the separation, the scissors will be more efficient when trimming the hair. Due to their efficiency, the bush will not just look shorter, but also look extremely healthy due to the absence of split ends.

Ensure the scissors are new


Making sure your session consists of scissors with fresh blades is absolutely mandatory for obtaining successful results. When the blades are new, they aren’t just effective, but also safe for your skin and hair. Using a dull blade, on the other hand, can cause irritation, agony, and can even cause the area to form razor bumps.

In addition to causing razor bumps, a dull pair of scissors also might cause split ends around the pubic region. Due to being old, the blades will not just be ineffective, but also damage your pubic hair if utilized improperly.

Trim the bush when it’s slightly damp

Regardless of where the hair is, chopping it off when the strands are dry is a no-no. Since the hair will be dry, cutting it will be extremely difficult due to its inflexibility. Using scissors to trim down the hair might also cause a lot of discomfort due to the waxy texture of the hair.

However, that scenario can easily be avoided. All you have to do is wash your pubic hair! Since your hair will break free from any oil buildup, dirt, grease, and sweat, it will also be able to comply with the abilities of a pair of scissors.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Scissors For Trimming Pubic Hair: A Summary

If you’re completely okay with using a pair of scissors to trim your privates, then you should definitely consider going through this section that contains the pros and cons it brings to the table.

The pros of using scissors are pretty hefty. In addition to being cheap in contrast to trimmers as well as hair removal creams, scissors are extremely safe. Most that use scissors on the regular often leave the scene without inducing any injury, partially since it is always paired up with a comb. It is also very cooperative and offers users various techniques to carry out a grooming session.

Despite being budget-friendly, using scissors could be disadvantageous at times. While it is effective for a maintenance cut, it is rather dangerous when utilized on short strands of hair. Due to their intensely acute tips, scissors can often cause cuts, nicks and other forms of minor injuries. In certain scenarios, using scissors can also cause razor burns and bumps, especially if the tool is dull or outdated.

Another drawback of using scissors is that the procedure is time consuming. Since they are hand-operated, the duration of the session often depends on the pace of the user. An average grooming session that involves trimming the pubic region takes around 30 minutes, however, it could take a shorter period of time for those that are veterans in the grooming game.

Other Techniques To Consider When Trimming Pubic Hair


As opposed to the previous segment, if using a pair of scissors isn’t really your cup of tea, there are multiple techniques that you can take into account to get rid of the weight of your pubic hair.

The next best alternative to using a pair of scissors is using a razor or trimmer. Despite being a bit more complex to use, a razor as well as a trimmer brings to the table an effective outcome with the safest result.

In contrast to scissors, a hair clipper takes matters into its own hands and leads the way on most occasions. Due to having more lenient edges, a hair clipper is also safer to use. Furthermore, since a hair clipper comes with a taper lever, it has the ability to change lengths and remove even the tiniest hair strand; which could be a great feature for those that are seeking the cleanest possible results.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to clean out your privates entirely, but aren’t the biggest fan of the noise hair clippers often make, use the oldest trick in the book and utilize the features of a razor. Even though it does come with minor inconveniences such as razor burn, itchiness and razor bumps, using a razor is an effective solution to chopping it all off. For best results, one should always lather the area up with shaving foam and soothe the newly shaved skin with aftershave lotion to recover from minor bruises that a razor blade usually causes.

Additionally, if you’re aiming to remove the existence of your pubic hair permanently, look into procedures such as laser hair removal, and products such as hair removal creams.

Laser hair removal, while costly, typically involves reducing and eliminating the growth of unwanted hair permanently. Using it to remove pubic hair permanently might take at least a few weeks for completion, however, the results will surely be worth the wait.

Using hair removal creams can also be a great way to say goodbye to your pubes for a lengthy period. While they don’t remove hair permanently, hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, are safer than razors and scissors. It usually takes one 5-minute session to obtain the full potential of depilatory creams without any repercussions.

Bottom Line

Using a pair of scissors to trim pubic hair is easy, and quite frankly, very effective. Whether you’re fighting against the heat of summer, or working around a tightly packed schedule, you can always count on a reliable pair of cutting shears to control the bush.

Furthermore, although using scissors is rather effective, this technique isn’t for everyone. Those that are novices and inexperienced can obtain even better results by taking assistance from hair clippers, razor blades, and even hair removal creams.

Nonetheless, apart from being time-consuming on most occasions, and bringing to the table minor inconveniences such as cuts and razor burns, using a pair of scissors can be very productive to remove the weight of pubic hair, especially if you’re searching for a method to reduce your expenses.

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