Number 2 Fade Haircut: 20 Most Appealing Variations

Struggling to decide whether it is time to get a haircut? And which haircut to get? You could not have come to a better place!

Let us start by saying that there is never a better time than now to try out a new haircut. And today’s choice is an extra-special one. It is radiant. It is saucy. It is well-tested.

It is the Number 2 Fade haircut.

In general, fade haircuts are getting trendier day by day. To keep yourself a part of this trend with supreme knowledge, our article offers you every intricate detail and styling secrets of the Number 2 fade haircut. Our deluxe collection of such hairstyles is surely going to broaden your horizon of styling capacity!

Let’s jump right in!

Number 2 Fade: The Must-Know Basics

Number 2 Fade Basics

Fade generally refers to a type of style where the hair at the back and sides are cut at different lengths and they transition seamlessly. The blending of different lengths is done smoothly. In a traditional fade haircut, it is not easy to point out exactly where the lengths changed (unless done intentionally as a style).

Number 2 Fade haircut gets its name from the number 2 guard of a trimmer. In this hairstyle, a number 2 guard trims the hair at ¼ of an inch or 6mm. It is done to your lower sides and the lower back hair where trimming with the number 2 guard ensures the shortest trim. From there, the hair is cut longer upwards and a smooth transition happens.

The Best 20 Number 2 Fade Styles in 2024

Being in a place where you have to choose your perfect hairstyle is not very preferable to some. Looking for a particular type of haircut until you find something is extremely time-consuming. You also run out of energy after a certain period. Sometimes, people even give up on the decision of getting a new hairstyle because of this!

We understand it perfectly. This is why we have curated an excellent number 2 fade haircut guide. The styles have been handpicked based on their looks and the convenience of getting them. These are the finest number 2 fades that you can find anywhere! Go through the styles below to find just the one you have been looking for all along.

Let’s go!

High Taper with Number 2 Fade

High Taper With Number 2 Fade

Number 2 fade and a high taper, an extreme combination that has resulted in this excellent style. Fades sometimes have a distinct contrast due to the abrupt change of hair length from one size to another. In tapers, lengths are phased with almost unnoticeable differences.

Combining number 2 fade with a high taper ensures one of the best seamless looks you can get. It is pronounced yet maintains a level of subtlety.

Zero Taper Number 2 Fade

Zero Taper Number 2 Fade

You are getting one of the smoothest transitions with this style. Hair at the back and your sides get trimmed down to almost none and then the length increases to number 2. From there, the length gradually increases upwards.

This zero taper number 2 fade is simply a piece of art to look at when done correctly. You can not point out where the fading started and where it ends. And it takes an excellent stylist to pull it off.

Number 2 Skin Fade

Number 2 Skin Fade

First off, Skin fades are scalp-revealing hairstyles. How big the area of the scalp gets revealed depends on how high, mid, or low the fade is. The number 2 skin fade works with the length of the hair the skin fade transitions into.

A skin fade is generally a pretty bold style. Mixing number 2 fade into it yields an outstanding look that turns heads. And if you have tattoos on your scalp, it is a must-try haircut for you.

Number 2 Skin Fade with Tapered Beard

Number 2 Skin Fade With Tapered Beard

Having a brooding beard and wanting to try out skin fade seems like a risky proposition. Unless it is not, because we have something for you called number 2 skin fade with a tapered beard. Confused? Hear us out.

Trying a skin fade means the gradient goes into your hair and leaves your beard isolated. The distinct separation of hair and beard, while the hair has a smooth gradient, is not a good look. This is why tapering your beard downwards from your number 2 skin fade awards you with a gorgeous gradient that exists for both your hair and beard.

This fascinating look makes you stand out in a crowd of thousands without much effort.

Comb Over Number 2 Fade

Comb Over Number 2 Fade

The slickest comb-over hairstyle is one of the most sought-after looks, even now. When an undercut seems too much for your hair, getting the comb over with a number 2 fade is the option to go with. This is the absolute middle ground, all things considered.

Comb over number 2 fade incorporates a silky gradient. Your stylist may suggest experimenting with the length the number 2 fade transitions into. This style also offers an option to modify it later on if you feel keen on getting a prominent undercut after some time.

This is a hairstyle that is dominant in itself and opens a few roads to some more powerful styles. Quite tempting, isn’t it?

Short Layer with No. 2 Fade

Short Layer With No 2 Fade

Wanting to get close to an undercut but not quite like the comb-over number 2 fade? This short layered variation gives you an excellent option to make it all happen. The focus is on the whole rather than the short layer or the fade.

As an alternative, trying out a round layer is also a good option. It hinges on your preference and the length of your hair. The subtle nature of this short layer with number 2 fade is what makes it even more attractive. Not to mention, it also goes with any occasion you can think of.

This style is a highly desirable one, don’t you think?

Number 2 Top High Skin Fade

Number 2 Top High Skin Fade

A skin fade varies based on how high up your head the blending takes place. In this style, the skin fade takes place close to the top of your head. It is a dauntless look, in a few words. The skin fade is highly noticeable along with the other modifications that you have.

There is a catch. For this incredible style, the number 2 trim goes on top of your head. The gradient which is created for your high skin fade makes it look even more powerful. The fact that you can get a haircut like this and boldly announce your presence takes you higher up in a party.

Like a classic skin fade, the number 2 top high skin fade looks even better if you have tattoos or piercings.

Number 2 Mid Skin Fade

Number 2 Mid Skin Fade

Mid skin fade is the second variation of skin fades. It sits between the high skin fade where the fade is at the top and the low skin fade where the blending is just above the ears. Being in the middle of these two, the skin fade happens around two inches above your ears.

From the fades, the number 2 trimmer head is used to blend in your hair to create the final look. This number 2 mid skin fade is also a colossal look that never fails to elevate your bold and charming aura. The immovable force that this haircut possesses always makes you stand out.

Heavy Line Number 2 Fade

Heavy Line Number 2 Fade

This is a number 2 fade special hairstyle. The fade is not really a fade. The trim with the number 2 guard creates an effect of disconnection that separates the fade and the rest of the hair. This fade is plain yet supreme. It is also a style that you can do at home.

The heavy line number 2 fade also should not be confused with the number 2 undercut. The effect of this heavy line does offer the look of a low undercut. In reality, the low undercut has a classic fade whereas this number 2 fade with a heavy line does not.

This little distinction is what makes this particular style an effortlessly excellent choice!

Light Number 2 Fade with Heavy Top

Light Number 2 Fade With Heavy Top

Buzzing to get a number 2 fade but have a heavy top that absolutely should not be touched? We got you fam! Tell your stylist to give you a light number 2 fade and you are good to go. You will get a look so enhanced that the classic feel of this style will keep on turning heads.

As you can guess from its name, the fade is done very lightly. It is mostly even. This style looks even more wonderful if you have a big beard to go with your heavy top. Unlike other fades, there will be hardly any gradient effect for this one. Rather, your hair and beard will have a clean number 2 light fade.

The end result is a remarkable sight to behold! Don’t wait up, just get it done and show off your magnificent number 2 fade with a heavy top!

Number 2 Undercut

Number 2 Undercut

This straightforward hairstyle is not so straightforward in its look and value. The number 2 fade with the undercut is an extremely demanding hairstyle. Yet, there is close to zero risk. You know the undercut, and you know the number 2 fades. A grand unification of these two has created this absolute masterpiece!

For the number 2 fade to go with your undercut, the fade will be a low one ending just above an inch of your ear. The blending will be done with the number 2 guard while creating a good invisible line to work with above your ears and the back. From there, it will glide into the lively undercut.

An excellent display of careful blending of hair which would help you pronounce yourself in a way that is exclusively your own.

Uppercut on Number 2 Fade

Undercut On Number 2 Fade

A full-on uppercut is not always preferable. Especially, when you want to get something that may touch the base of the uppercut but not exactly standing on it alone. In comes the uppercut on number 2 fade that is nothing less than a chef’s kiss!

Traditional uppercuts accompanied by number 2 fade produce a result that goes back to the first half of the 20th century. Fades came in post-1940 while uppercut was THE thing before the 1940s. These two classic looks together give birth to a modern look that is uppercut on number 2 fade. For this gigantic elegance, tell your stylist to give you a mid number 2 fade. The hair on the top is exclusive for the undercut.

This is a must-try style for anyone with hair!

Number 2 Skin Fade with Lines

Number 2 Skin Fade With Lines

Haircut lines are a thing of ancient times. It goes beyond the ancient Roman period. Some proofs are found in ancient Egypt as well. Being a sign of power and might, the hair lines have been popular with those who know history.

Number 2 skin fade with lines is therefore a style that oozes bravery. A skin fade is very bold in itself. An exquisite addition of lines produces an unforgettable look. For this powerful style, it is most popular to get a medium number 2 skin fade and create the lines afterward. Getting the lines in a high skin fade number 2 also works tremendously well. These two are the best options for you to look valiant and brawny.

Number 2 Fade into Wave

Number 2 Fade Into Wave

This one is an absolutely special one for men who have wavy hair. This hair category has some limitations. Selecting a style that goes really well with the wonderful waves sometimes proves to be a tough task. But number 2 fade presents a complete beauty for the waves.

Generally, a mid number 2 fade works great with wavy hair. The blending goes into the waves at the top of your head and makes it look like a work of art. However, there is something to be aware of when getting this style. You also have the option to turn this number 2 fade into a wave into a magnificent pompadour. Given that you have the volume of hair at the top, be sure to try it out.

Do not sleep on this intense beauty!

Fade Number 2 with Spikes

Fade Number 2 With Spikes

What an energetic style this is! Making number 2 fade to meet with the saucy spikes is a job that is not for everyone. The weight of the charm of a spike has formed an unbeatable combination with the fade created by the number 2 trimmer guards.

Trimming down your side hair into a fade without creating a disconnection is the goal here. You may even feel like going all Sheamus and shaving your sides and the back to get that iconic audacious look. But if being subtle and classic even with the spikes is your focus then this style is the best choice for you.

Make sure that the fade is not a skin fade or a high fade, and you are good to go.

Side-Parted Number 2 Fade

Side Parted Number 2 Fade

Confused about what to do with your top hair? Not sure about undercuts or uppercuts? Want something simple yet slick? The age-old side-parted style is here to save your day. The number 2 fade happens to your sides and the back. Keeping it modest is the key for you.

To maintain the sleekness and easy-going vibe, get a mid or low fade with number 2. Going higher than that will ruin your chance at the classic side-parted elegant appearance. Getting it nice and clean is how you achieve a definitive style.

Fade with Wavy Slick Back

Fade With Wavy Slick Black

Previously, you have seen the number 2 fade into the wave. That style is most appropriate if you have short or short-medium hair. If you have wavy hair longer than that, fade with wavy slick back will elevate your look to the next level.

The slick back style itself is a timeless showpiece. The appeal of it has not reduced a bit. When you rock it along with a number 2 fade, the ultimate result is nothing less than astonishing. The fade has to be low or between low and medium for this to turn out well. The transition does not need to be pronounced to complete this look.

Get this style right now and feel the energy throughout!

Choppy Textured Crop by Number 2 Fade

Choppy Textured Crop By Number 2 Fade

Ever thought of achieving something or an effect without following the standard process? This choppy textured crop by number two fade is exactly that. It is generally known that the choppy textured crop style is achieved by getting a standard fade all-around.

But what is the number 2 fade doing here? It is simply extending the wholesome appeal that this style offers. Instead of a standard fade, the no. 2 is applied here for that extra touch. While a traditional choppy textured crop is excellent in itself, this upgrade simply enhances that WOW effect to a level that is tough to not acknowledge.

A magisterial style like this is hard to overlook. Go ahead and rock this beauty like none else!

Fade into Blowout

Fade Into Blowout

Number 2 fade with the blowout is probably a combo that people do not think of easily. Yet, when it is in front of you as a reality, this unification simply blows you away! A blowout is when you create waves and curls without using any curling method. This is a unique way of styling your hair into any shape that you prefer by drying your hair after a thorough wash. Might sound too good to be true, but this is exactly how it is done.

Sometimes, a fluffy effect is created through this method. Coupling that with a number 2 fade results in an absolute stunner. There is no way you can go wrong with this style irrespective of whatever you have in mind. Noticing the first sign of confusion as to what haircut to choose?

Simply get this beaut!

Disconnected Number 2 Fade with Semi-Parted Side

Disconnected Number 2 Fade With Semi Parted Side

In this guide, we have shown you one of the most seamless and smooth side-parted variations. This second one is more distinct in the sense that it has a disconnection. The standard side-parted no. 2 fade focused on blending the fade into the side-parted hair in a way that will not draw much attention.

This disconnected number 2 fades with a semi-parted side going the opposite way. Firstly, the parted hair is not fully parted. Yet there is a disconnection that makes it easy to separate and comb your hair. At the same time, it brings attention in a good way.

Not everyone can handle the attention. You can express your intrepid self with this cheeky style. Let your confidence be shown!


After all the things that have been discussed above, there are still some frequently asked questions that need answering. We are not letting them stay unanswered. Therefore, some of the most asked questions have been answered below.

What is the difference between a number 1 fade and a number 2 fade?

Number 1 fade is done by trimming the hair with a number 1 trimmer guard. The length is around 3mm for this one. And number 2 fade uses the number 2 guard which cuts at around 6mm.

How often do I need to refresh the fade?

Every 3-5 weeks, you should try to refresh the fade. It will look new and more prominent.

How would I know if the number 2 fade would suit me?

A number 2 fade is sometimes a modest style that may go to the bold level or stay very subtle. It is up to you. This fade suits almost everybody without any problem. Just be sure about whether you want to get a high, mid, or low number 2 fade.

Does a number 2 fade go with curly hair?

Absolutely! You even have a lot of options open to you regarding what look you want to get for your top hair. Use the options wisely, and you will look like a rockstar!

Final Words

There are not many haircuts that are bold-looking classics. The number 2 fade is an exceptional case in this regard. You may dial back time to a century with this style. Or, you can simply create a new future classic with the modifications you can come up with for these number 2 fade styles.

Either way, the endless options may seem overwhelming. Our suggestion would be to pick something and try it out. If you have long hair, begin with something that goes with your long hair. If you don’t like that style then go for something that is possible to do on the length of hair you have now.

For what this number 2 fade is, we highly recommend all the styles in this guide. The guarantee is there that any of the styles presented above would suit anyone. For the extra effort, you may ask yourself what you want and how you want to present yourself. Start from there.

Remember, the sky’s the limit!

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