How To Shave Your Balls: The Best Guide For Beginners

Trimming pubic hair has become more popular. Whether it’s for medical or aesthetic reasons, a little over 50% of men in the US trim or shave their pubic hair. While shaving the hair on the top and side of your penis can be easy with a good shaver, your balls can be a bit more complicated.

Shaving your scrotum can be challenging because it’s soft and it sags – the exact opposite of your face or that area around your penis. It’s also quite painful if you get it wrong: most mishaps in pubic shaving injuries always involve the balls.

If you’re wondering how to shave balls, then read on. We’ll look into the best ways to shave balls safely, some products you can use, and tips on things like aftercare and prep work.

5 Things To Do Before You Shave

For obvious reasons, ball shaving isn’t the same as shaving your face or your other pubic hair. To get the best shave possible, you need to make the preparations to make it an injury-free and smooth process.

1. Keep Your Schedule Open

A shorn scrotum isn’t something you can get in ten minutes. Rushing a shave can cause serious injury, and shaving around your testicles can take longer depending on a variety of factors that we’ll talk about later. If you want to get a clean shave, then prepare to invest some time.

Keep your schedule open

This is even more important if this is your first time shaving your balls. The sagginess of your testicles can present a unique challenge with shaving since it’s not as flat as your groin. That’s why it’s important to do your prep work before shaving.

If you’re shaving your balls, make sure you at least have the entire afternoon to yourself. Remember the cardinal rule of shaving: slow is smooth, and smooth is safe.

2. Wash And Soak Your Testicles

Think of shaving your testicles like getting a haircut at a fancy salon. You need to give your balls a good wash before you cut and shave!

Wash and soak your testicles

This has two benefits:

  • It gets rid of dead skin, oil, and other things that can clog up your razor
  • It preps your hair for a smoother and quicker removal

It may sound a bit weird, but soaking your balls in warm water is the best way to give them a wash, aside from your usual shampoo and scrub. Warm water softens the stubble of the hair down there, besides helping the skin around your balls relax and become loose. This is crucial since it allows you to stretch and move your balls around, which can reduce the chance of injuries.

Be careful not to use hot or cold water for this stage, since hot water can singe your skin and cold water can cause your testicles to retract. While you might think that having smaller testicles means less of a chance of injuring yourself, the wrinkles formed by your balls retreating inward can actually increase your chances of cutting yourself.

3. Trim Your Pubic Hair

You might have a lot of hair growing down there if it’s your first time shaving or you haven’t shaved in a while. Your testicles might not be as hairy as other areas of your groin, but you still need to trim down there before you use a razor.

Trim your pubic hair

Trimming your ball hair is simple:

  • Find a secure surface to stand on, like a chair, the side of a tub, or another similar piece of furniture
  • Carefully cut the longer hairs from your scrotum with a pair of sturdy scissors
  • Use a small hand mirror to get a better view of areas like your perineum
  • Cut your hair as close to the skin as possible
  • Wash in between passes to make sure that the hair remains wet and pliable
  • Pat your testicles down until they’re dry

Trimming your balls before a shave makes the actual shaving easier since it prevents long hairs from being stuck to your razor. Razors (especially electric ones) break down if there’s a lot of long hair that gets trapped between the blades. Stuck hairs can interfere with your razor and might cause you to injure yourself when using them.

4. Disinfect Your Razor

Before you shave, make sure that you disinfect your razor. When you shave your testicles, you’re creating a lot of micro-abrasions in your skin. You can avoid bigger cuts by using the right cream or by manoeuvring your razor, but you won’t be able to prevent cuts entirely.

Disinfect your razor

Here, making sure that your razor blades are clean and sterilized can go a long way towards preventing any bacteria or other microbes from making their home below your belt. Metal is prone to things like rust, oil, and grime, which are things that you do not want near your penis or balls.

Disinfecting your razor is easy. Before and after you use it, dip it in rubbing alcohol and shaking it till it dries. Don’t use napkins or towels to clean the blade, since it’ll cut through and nick your fingers. Disinfecting your blades this way will clear them of any bacteria they may have picked up before or during your shave and extend their lifespan for longer use.

5. Get The Right Products

Finally, you need the right products to get a good shave. Your usual facial razor won’t cut it, since it’s designed to work on flat and smooth surfaces such as your cheek or above your penis.

Get the right products

Soap and water also won’t work, since the chemicals in the soap can be too harsh for your skin after you’re done with a shave. It also doesn’t help make the hair more pliable, which makes it more difficult to cut. If you want a smooth scrotum, you will need something more specialized for the job.

There are 3 things that you need to to get that clean shave:

  • A razor (electric or otherwise)
  • Shaving cream
  • Post-shaving solution

Choosing the best products can help you get a smoother shave, but they also make your body recover faster from shaving. Remember, the skin on your balls is more sensitive than your face or groin.

Getting the right tools and products can help take the edge off your skin when you shave your balls, so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during and after the process. With razors, the right model can last you for several shaves before needing replacement; and with cream, you get a smoother finish without breaking the skin.

How To Shave Your Balls Properly

Now you have the tools and did the prep work, it’s time to get the basics down pat. Here are the things you should know on how to shave testicles safely.

How to shave your balls properly

1. Make Sure That You Have Plenty Of Room To Move Around

You will need a lot of space to stretch your legs wide to get all those hard to reach spots. While you can get your shaving done in the shower itself, experts suggest a more open area where you can put your feet and hands on something for support.

We recommend using a rubber floor mat or something similar that you can use to stand on if you use a lot of water while shaving.

2. Pull The Skin Taut

Just like your face or groin, pulling your skin back when you shave your balls gives your razor blade a smoother surface to glide over. This helps it cut as close to the skin as possible and prevents any stray hairs from escaping the blades.

Remember to not pull TOO hard, since you’ll end up numbing your skin. Just make sure it’s tight and fanned out to prevent any folds or ridges from getting caught in your trimmer or razor. This also allows any safety features like a skin guard to work while you shave.

3. Shave With The Grain

An excellent way to avoid ingrown hairs and cuts is to shave in the direction your hair is growing. This might take some time to figure out since the hair on your balls often grows all around the place, so check the direction where it hangs once you’ve given it a good rinse.

Shaving like this has two advantages: it allows you to get the most amount of hair in a single pass and prevents you from applying too much force on the razor. A good way to check whether you’re doing this right is if the hair pulls away with each pass. Try another angle if you feel you’re tugging away the hair when you shave.

4. Rinse After Each Stroke

Always keep your blades as hair-free as possible between each pass with a quick rinse under the faucet. Keeping your razor clean helps with the amount of hair it can remove and prevents electric razors from getting jammed or slowing down.

For those who want to be extra clean, stirring your razor in a glass of water should be more than enough to get the small stuck hairs that can’t be washed away by running water.

5. Use Short And Quick Strokes

You don’t want to drag the blades too long across your testicles, since that increases the chances of you cutting yourself. What you want to do is to carefully but quickly shave your balls in spots, since the hair on your testicles often grows in patches.

Don’t use a lot of pressure either. The skin on your balls is thin, so even the smallest cut can be a major inconvenience. If you’ve prepped and washed correctly, all you need is a light touch to get the hair removed.

6. Don’t Skimp On The Shaving Cream

You’ll rarely get the right amount of shaving cream every time you shave your testicles. You may have to apply shaving cream between rinses and strokes to maintain a smooth surface since it’s washed off by water.

The amount of shaving cream that you’ll use also depends on how thick your hair is down there. Rinsing with warm water during shaving can help soften the hairs enough, but don’t rely on that alone to lubricate the surface. If you think that you need more shaving cream, then apply more.

7. Rinse With Cold Water And Pat Dry

Once you’re done, wash your balls with cool water to soothe the irritation and close your pores. To give your testicles time to adjust, rinse with a showerhead while turning down the temperature from warm to cool.

When drying your balls, always give it a pat-down instead of rubbing it clean. Your balls are very sensitive after a shave, so you should avoid handling them too much.

Aftercare And Razor Maintenance

When your balls are completely dry, it’s best to apply some aftershave balm or oil to help with the stinging and reduce any chance of ingrown hairs. Some aftershave products also have other benefits, like moisturizer and skin lightening.

Aftercare of balls

After your shave, avoid touching your balls for a while. Don’t wear things like briefs or jockeys since they can rub against the skin and promote the growth of bacteria due to the lack of air circulation. Just take a few minutes lying down so the aftershave formula has time to work.

Wash and rinse your razor thoroughly. A few minutes under running water can be enough to get rid of all the shaving cream and hairs that may be trapped beneath the blades. You should also disinfect your razor so bacteria won’t grow on its surface.

Ideally, you should change your razor blades every two months if you shave regularly. A good way to check if your razor needs replacement is if you need more passes before getting all the hair shaved – that means the blades have dulled and will require more pressure to get a cut which can lead you to injure yourself.


The best way to shave balls is to go at it slow and steady. That way, you get to remove all the hair you want and prevent yourself from being injured at the same time.

It’s also important that you don’t forget about the aftercare and maintenance of your tools. Aftercare can help your sensitive skin recover from a shave while preventing painful or ugly things like ingrown hairs, while tool maintenance guarantees that you’ll always get a clean cut every time you work down there.

Like all things, practice and the right set of tools will go a long way towards making the process a bit easier each time.

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